Class XI, 2006–2007


Kamaui Aiona


Stephen H. Onaga


Kawika Winter


Tova Callender


Mike Poteet


George “Keoki” Wood


Robert Lu‘uwai


Lani (Medina) Weigert

The power of community to gather around a collective goal was illustrated by Carlos and Chipper, Waipā Foundation and Hanalei Community Center. The two examples of community gathering places were as different as the constituents they represented and yet with perseverance and patience, individuals put aside suspicion and conflict and united. I am heartened to find that while there are large socio economic challenges facing this state to which no immediate solutions are apparent, there still are individuals committed to innovation, the integrity of our food supply system and the importance of communion around food.
(Traditional Ag and Community Empowerment Seminar, January 2007)
Tova Callender

The Kaua‘i trip proved to be a great opportunity to meet true leaders of the community as well as listen to their testimonials of the challenges of working in groups. I believe that small communities everywhere have some common themes, and that is if it is a desirable place to live, newcomers will displace locals eventually. Unless there are some individuals in the community who can organize and collaboratively lead the group to a collective decision that allows for all members, old and new to have a voice in how they want their community to evolve. One thing that is certain is that change is inevitable and so the real challenge is managing change and not preventing it. I think this was evidenced in many of the discussions we had, from developing the farmer’s market to community input regarding rebuilding Hanalei School and bridge after hurricane Iniki, as well as re-establishing the ahupua‘a system.
(Traditional Ag and Community Empowerment Seminar, January 2007)
Keoki Wood

This program has clarified and defined my vision of what can be with regards to initiating collaboration on many different levels to help Hawai‘i Ag grow on solid ground.
Lani Wiegert

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