Nuts, Coffee and Alumni Potluck

Seminar 5 Day 3 – Hawai‘i
Our day began by saying goodbye to the beautiful Pahala Plantation house.
We were introduced to our first speaker of the day, Randy Mochizuki of Royal Hawaiian Orchards. He covered topics from macadamia plant anatomy to operations on the farm.
Next stop- Ka’u Coffee!
We visited Lorie Obra of Rusty’s Hawaiian and Chris Manfredi of Ka’u Farm and Ranch Company. Chris and Lorie discussed the benefits and challenges of marketing high quality agricultural products.
Driving back from Ka’u, We didn’t take any pictures – we were trying to hard to stay awake!
But back at the alumni dinner, not much light – but lots of life!

Okay, pau! Now I going drink!

And big mahalo to my blog support network, blog Kumu Miki and assistants Tyler and Sydney.

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