From Haleakala to Lānaʻi City

Seminar 6 Day 1 – Maui & Lana‘i
Kristin and Ashley

It was a bright morning when we all met one more time at Maui airport.  The first stop was at Haleakala Ranch Co.  We had a warm welcome from Bobby, Greg and Kristin.

Kristin showing the eggs processing machine
Not only a stunning farm but very creative.  Bobby and his staff have found the way to innovate and to diversify their operation.  From cattle, to goats, sheep and chickens they have learned how to integrate farming.
Kim and Jennica
Happy Derrick
                                                                     Thirsty Elton
We did have a wonderful time at Haleakala Ranch and talked story for a while with Bobby and his people.

Interesting dog !!!

Happy me (Judith)
After this first visit my phone battery died.  But Pauline did cover for me with the following pictures.  Also we were able to do some whale watching!
Whale watching
enjoying the boat trip
Already at Lana’i
Once on Lana’i and after dinner we attended to the presentation of our colleagues Chris and James.
 Chris gave us an overview of Ponoholo Ranch.  He did a great job pointing out the structure of the ranch and the challenges they are facing.  The ranching industry on the island is looking forward to finish their product here instead of sending the cattle to the west coast to be finish there. The ranching industry has so much potential to contribute to Hawaii sustainability.  Chris is performing research and trying to look for solutions.  One of the main hurdles for his ranch is the environmental changes.  The drought has been threatening the industry for the past 5 years.   The ranches are in the need of new technology and at the same time to establish solid bonds with the stakeholders in general. There is also a lot of potential for partnering to nourish this sector of the agriculture.  After Chris presentation we all got the picture…. Ranching is difficult but very necessary to provide sustainability to Hawaii. Also it is clear that we have good ranchers on Hawaii.
James presented the structure of the program he is part of.  Critical habitats are so important to maintain diversity and to protect endangered species. James gave us an overview of the areas his program covers along the archipelago of Hawaii.  He presented to the class vivid  and interactive maps.  There is a need to perform agriculture and development under certain parameters.  Otherwise the fragile ecosystems of the islands that are the home for certain species are very important part of the big picture.  Any damage could be irreversible and will serious consequences for native species.
Tomorrow is going to be another amazing day on the island of Lanai!!!!!!! Thank you Pauline and Kim for all you do for us!!!!!  Bye Bye

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