Oysters and Graduation!

Seminar 7 Day 4 – Oah‘u

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day in Kualoa on O’ahu’s windward side. And the site, Kualoa Ranch, was a prime location for our final gathering.

Kualoa Ranch is run by the Morgan family, a long-time kamaʻāina family that has managed the lands within three ahupua’a for generations. We gathered at Moli’i fishpond and met with Ku’uipo McCarty, who is running the aquaculture program for the ranch. Ku’uipo marveled us with her knowledge of not only the history of the land but also of raising oysters, which she has learned on the job. After years of test growing, Kualoa Ranch is now permitted to sell farm fresh live oysters.

Here are some of the oyster “spat,” which is the larval stage of oysters. The spat grows to be market size within 6-8 weeks, which is quite fast. We held the oysters in our hands and felt how heavy (meaty) they were!

Before we headed off to the festivities, we took one final moment as a class to evaluate the seminar and the overall program, all the with goal of improving things for the future. Evaluation is a key component of leadership, particularly if we can take action on making things better no matter how big or small the steps may be.

Then, finally, it is time for graduation. Gathered at the beautiful pavilion in the Moli’i Garden, we enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Kualoa Ranch and heard from the head po’o (leader) of the operation, John Morgan. John shared about his background and how he helped shift the business from a more passive model to an active one that preserves and protects the natural beauty and culture while developing recreational and agricultural enterprises compatible with the environment. It’s no wonder that John and Kualoa Ranch have won numerous awards locally and nationally.

After John spoke, Mark Cummings, ALP alumnus and current President of the Board of Directors of ALFH spoke. He and Pauline then passed out graduation certificates to the class members. We are happy to announce that everyone graduated!  See our happy faces that reflect life-long relationships that will only grow over time. Imua (move forward), Class XIV!

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