T- 3…2…1…Liftoff…ALP Class XVII has launched!

“T- 3…2…1…Liftoff!” ALP Class XVII has begun their journey into the realm of agricultural leadership and network building. While the initial launch window was adjusted due to the pandemic, and the entire approach was reprogrammed to begin with virtual learning, ALP Class XVII is now well on their way.

Meet the adaptive leaders who were ready for takeoff:

  • Amy Brinker, Kamehameha Schools — Sustainability Manager, O‘ahu
  • Susan Collins, Bird and Bee Hawai‘i — Owner, Hawai‘i
  • Sarah Freeman, County of Hawai‘i – Food Access Coordinator, Hawai‘i
  • Stephanie Mock, Kualoa Ranch – Sustainability Manager, O‘ahu
  • Victoria Matsumura, Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture – Environmental Health Specialist, O‘ahu
  • Blair Richards, Sensei Ag – Director of Sales and Business Development, Lana‘i
  • Umi Martin, Umi’s Store – Owner, Kaua‘i
  • Laura Rieber, No Spray Hawai‘i – Farm Manager, Co-Creator, Hawai‘i

Read more in the ALP Class XVII Brochure.

Led on their mission by ALFH Executive and Program Director Christine Brammer and Program Assistant Sarah Voigt, the team was off to a successful start during Virtual Seminar 1 which was held on November 4, 2020. Fearless leader and ALFH President Taylor Kellerman welcomed the group and prepared them for their journey, Dr. Skip Bittenbender provided the thorough history on agriculture that all participants need, and Dr. Donna Ching focused in on the goals and relationships needed to work collaboratively during their mission and beyond. All this in one morning, held via Zoom could have been too much for any astronaut, but these future leaders excelled!

ALP Class XVII Zoom Meeting Screenshot

Notes on the reprogramming of the Agricultural Leadership Program:

  1. ALP Class XVII was re-envisioned as the ALFH board and staff recognized that local agriculture in Hawai‘i has never been more important and ALP is more relevant than ever. Read more about ALP Re-envisioned.

  2. ALFH felt this program was worth the investment even if funding from some sources was not currently available. ALFH invests approximately $25,000 in each participant. To ease the burden, ALFH launched a matching fundraising campaign thanks to the generous support of American AgCredit. Over $57,000 was raised and every dollar will be used to support ALP Class XVII. Mahalo to American AgCredit and to every contributor! Visit the campaign website through November 17, 2020 to find out more and become a contributor.

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