Class XVI, 2018–2019


Jayme R. Barton


Jonathan Ho


Julia Nemoto


Jonathan Tanouye


Nick Reppun


Gene Ross K. Davis


Brian Kau


Richard “Buddy” Nichols


Dana Sato


Drew Wilkinson


Yarrow Flower


Will Lydgate


Olelo pa‘a Faith Ogawa


Sarah Styan, Ph.D.

The exposure we got through traveling to the different islands, Washington D.C. & MA was priceless. Meeting and networking with others in the different sectors of farming and agriculture was enriching and the entire experience was priceless. Mahalo nui loa!
Olelo pa‘a Ogawa

The ALP program was a great opportunity to experience a wide swath of Hawai‘i’s unique Agricultural industries. Those experiences, in conjunction with learning about the local legislative process really enabled me to be better prepared to make a difference. To cap everything off, participating in the National Trip and Congressional visits really drove the point home that Ag’s challenges are bigger than what’s going on in Hawai‘i, that individuals are able to incite change, and that government is in need of a change in the establishment for the progression of Agriculture (Clean Coal anyone?). Even more important were the lasting relationships I developed with the cohort members and the ALP community as whole. I was hoping to have a bit more “traditional” leadership learning, but what was provided was good and useful. Overall, I believe that the time spent and experiences gained were beneficial to me personally and professionally.
Jonathan Ho

The global pandemic and decline in tourism dollars highlights the importance of moving agriculture forward in Hawai‘i. The Agricultural Leadership Program is the only organization in Hawai‘i that brings sectors of local biotech, aquaculture, floriculture, conventional and organic farmers, government agencies, educators, and private food businesses to collaborate together. I am very honored to be a part of this ‘ohana!
Julia Nemoto

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