Good Morning last day on Kaua‘i!

Seminar 3 Day 4 – Kaua‘i

View from the lovely Waimea apartments we got to stay at. Thank you Judith and Pioneer Hi-Bred!

The iconic Ishihara’s was right next door! Great poke and other local goodies
Ashley helping pack up the days goodies.

The always lovely and vivacious Judith ready to drive us to Pioneer Hi-Bred headquarters.

Starting off our day with Peter where we had our leadership workshop at the Pioneer Hi-Bred headquarters in Waimea.

Sydney taking down notes as we delve in to the communication challenges.
First group exercise time! Listing all the possible ways communication can go wrong in a particular scenario.
James and Elton listening to Kirby
Tyler, Ashley and Chris deep in discussion

Derrick and Miki having a laugh (well at least Derrick is 🙂

Diving into the finer points of similarity and differences between apple, oranges, and tomatoes. I know the botanist in me couldn’t wait to get to this one but my favorites were: All three can be thrown at someone, all three can be made into cocktails, and only one is in the name of a BCS bowl game.
“The Thinker”, aka Captain Kirby.
Sweet Sara giving an excellent presentation on plant breeding. I liked the geographic metaphor she gave to explain DNA and location of genes.
Alas, our thinker has reverted to his more primitive self.
Judith’s show and tell on all the different corn traits and her ‘baby’, Super Sorghum.
A plant breeder’s mantra.
Sara showing us the lab where all the magic happens.
Final day wrap-up at the brand new BASF base yard. Overall assessment? Great seminar and we all loved Kauai! Mahalo to everyone!

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