Floating Our Way to the End of Our MA Stay — Building Ships and Harvesting Cranberries

A bright start to a new day and new adventure starting in New Bedford. We had split up for dinner, and were regrouping in familiar territory, the hotel lobby. The New Bedford Harbor Hotel was nice, but like our navigation through Massachusetts, getting where you needed to go wasn’t always so straightforward. Here, getting to … Read more

Seminar 4 : O’ahu, Day 3

Seminar 4: Day 3, Out Playing In The Field By Carolyn Unser Our third day was spent on the east side of Oahu, getting dirty, learning leadership skills, talking story, and, of course, eating. Top 5 activities of the day include:   1. Punalu’u is a place of abundance. After waking up in Kamehameha Schools’ … Read more

O‘ahu Seminar Day 4, ALP Class XV

Note:  This post was made by Taylor Kellerman using Brett Miller’s login.  Many things change when one takes on a new professional position, including the ability to re-set a password without the original email account! Day four of our second Oahu Seminar started in beautiful Punalu’u at the Kamehameha Schools education complex.  We were joined … Read more

ALP Class XV: Seminar 3, Day 3: Maui and Moloka‘i

Day three is always my favorite day of the seminars. By day three, everyone has caught up with each other. We’ve set a theme for our seminar. Our minds have settled into learning mode. Even though we started day three “late”, I was up early and ready to go. We started the day by heading up country … Read more

Field Trip: A visit to a rare plant nursery

On our last seminar to Hawai‘i Island, we had the special privilege to visit a rare plant nursery on Hawai‘i Island — the location is strictly kept a secret because of vandalism and theft — to see the efforts of horticulturalist extraordinaire Patty Moriyasu and her staff to save plants native to the island. This … Read more

Raleigh, North Carolina

National Trip Day 9 A rainy day in Raleigh. This says it all! Our first meeting was with the USDA APHIS Agriculture Pest Survey Program. Visiting the NC State Farmers Market and meeting with Dr. Blake Brown of NC Agriculture Leadership Program Look at the size of those carrots! Visiting to the North Carolina Dept. … Read more

Research Triangle, Cattle Co., and a winery!

National Trip Day 10 After a super couple of days in Raleigh, today we were off to the Research Triangle to meet with BASF and see this impressive area. We learned a lot about the many partnerships BASF has formed to provide a broad array of products used worldwide. Their technological advancements and productivity is … Read more

Andy Meier, Center for Environmental Farming Services (CEFS),Cherry Farm

National Trip Day 8 CEFS is a collaboration of NC State University, NC A&T State University and NC Dept of Agriculture.  No this is not a picture of Superintendent Andy Meier.  But we all agreed he’s bullish on NC ag with as much energy as this fella.  Andy just does’t like having his picture taken.

Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)

National Trip Day 8 CEFS provides a farm site for ag research contactd by various customers.  Andy negotiates with potential users in contractual arrangements that results in data and new farm techniques for farmers state wide.  Andy took us on a windshield bus tour of organic farming, agroforestry, pasture raised beef and dairy cattle, swine … Read more

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