Ag Professionals Presentations & Hog Farm

Seminar 3 Day 1 – Kaua‘i

Kirby getting us started at Kaua’i Community College

Eric Knutzen, Director of Ho’ouluwehi, the Kaua’i Community Sustainability Project
Pauline hams it up with Imai Aiu from the Kaua’i County Planning Department


Jerry Ornellas, President of Kauai Farm Bureau, briefs us on their Food Hub project

Landis Ignacio, Manager of the Kekaha Agricultural Association explains the many exciting projects and partnerships that have been formed on the Association lands on the West side of Kaua’i

Judith keeping us on schedule as we wrap up at KCC
Next Stop:
Pauline introduces Class XIV to Val Kaneshiro, the herd manager.
Val took us to the farm to see the goats and hogs. They were certainly of high quality!
Val ended our tour with home-made guri guri and lychee, which hit the spot!


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