National Trip Day 11

First morning we were treated to 30 degrees F, and frost on the plants.

Inside the Van Wingerden International greenhouse.  They service many garden centers in the Southeast region, namely Homedepot.
Next up on this bitter, cold morning was McConnell Farms.  They raise over 20 different crops on a 150 acre farm.  They retail right on the farm as well as other outlets.   They have also diversified to include ice cream and fruit juices.
After lunch was the Richmind apple company.  The owner farms 600 acres of apples, but his core business is his ability to cold store nearly a years supply of apples for baby food processing.
Last stop was the Asheville farmers market.  It has been operating for 30 years and even has a garden center.
This is the states ag slogan.  It is very catchy and popular.
We had a great bluegrass band playing in our hotel that evening.   Asheville was full of wonderful people.

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