Ag tourism, farmers market manual available

Reposted from: Hawaii Tribune Herald The University of Hawaii at Hilo College of Continuing Education and Community Service and UH-Manoa College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources recently collaborated with five current farmers market and agritourism managers to craft a Hawaii-specific, best-practices manual. “Hawai‘i Farmers Market and Agritourism Venues: Best Food Business and Food Handling … Read more

Introducing Class XV!

The ALFH board and alumni are happy to introduce the most recent Agriculture Leadership Program class – Class XV. They will gather for 7 in-state seminars, 1 week in Washington DC and 1 week in a US state of their choosing between now and October 2016 to learn about best practices in agriculture and leadership. Joey Char, Land … Read more


National Trip Day 11 First morning we were treated to 30 degrees F, and frost on the plants. Inside the Van Wingerden International greenhouse.  They service many garden centers in the Southeast region, namely Homedepot. Next up on this bitter, cold morning was McConnell Farms.  They raise over 20 different crops on a 150 acre … Read more

Preparing for National Trip: The White Paper-Key Themes

DRAFT ALP White Paper (Miki, Sydney, Chris & Judith) AGRICULTURE NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AND SUPPORTED Key Themes Farmers must be treated as professionals. To sustain a vibrant culture and healthy population of farmers and those they serve, ●     Farmers must be treated as professionals, alongside physicians, teachers, and bankers.  ●     Farming must allow for the earning … Read more

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