Floating Our Way to the End of Our MA Stay — Building Ships and Harvesting Cranberries

A bright start to a new day and new adventure starting in New Bedford. We had split up for dinner, and were regrouping in familiar territory, the hotel lobby. The New Bedford Harbor Hotel was nice, but like our navigation through Massachusetts, getting where you needed to go wasn’t always so straightforward. Here, getting to … Read more

Sept. 18 — Day 10 of the National Trip

Our morning started a little earlier than usual as we checked out of the Red Roof Inn and made our way West to our only visit of the day, The Country Hen. The Country Hen was started in 1988 and produces organic, cage-free Omega-3 eggs. How do they make it you are probably thinking? They … Read more

Diversified Ag in West Mass

As we exited the Red Roof Inn to start another big day exploring ag in Western Massachusetts, we were greeted by a crisp 47 degree air temperature. We had a slight change in schedule and the 9:15 am late start was delightful. We mosied up to Sugarloaf Mountain which provided some epic views overlooking the … Read more

The Abundant Farm Lands of Western Massachusetts by Julia Nemoto & Olelo pa’a Ogawa

Aloha kakahiaka from Massachusetts! Bright Monday morning we were welcomed with crispy chilled fresh air and beautiful blue skies. Almost everywhere we drove to, we were surrounded by green vegetation and many trees. Our first visit for the day was at CISA, a community involved in sustaining agriculture. Margaret Christie, Special Projects Director shared valuable … Read more

The Big E

Sept 15th, our first day of activities in Massachusetts. Today was all about the Eastern States Exposition or as the locals call it, the Big E. This multi-state expo features the best products from all the northeastern states as well as your typical carnival rides and food, farm product showcases, animal showings, live music and … Read more

September 13, 2019

It’s day 5 of our National Trip and everyone is well and accounted for. After a busy week of visiting our Hawaii Congressional delegation, spending a morning with Kathryn Hill and others at USDA’s Agricultural Research Center and National Agricultural Library in Beltsville, MD….we have a day to relax and explore DC. Ten of us … Read more

A trip to Beltsville — 9/12/19

Our morning began, as it does, at Vantage Point. Once again our iPhone cameras are sadly lacking About 3000% more stunning in person The car driving volunteers, Nick, Drew, Chris, and Myself, depart a bit earlier than the others for what we think will be an uneventful car pick up. While the rest of the … Read more

National Trip — Day Three

Our day started, as they usually do, on the 17th floor of the Rosslyn Holiday Inn at the Vantage Point restaurant. The summer haze, aided perhaps in part by a touch of air pollution, makes for some fantastic sunrises. And a nice one mesmerizes us as we slop sausage gravy on biscuit, put bread through … Read more

National Trip — HI in DC!

We started our morning meeting with Representative Case’s welcoming staff as we did a tour of the Capitol. There was a special event in the visitor center commemorating the 400th year since the abolition of slavery. It made for a very exciting visit as we had many of the tour highlights to ourselves, and when … Read more

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