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National Trip Day 5
The day started off bright and early for some of us, as we headed out for a tour of the Capitol before the start of our official agenda.
Our super awesome tour guide, Jennica’s cousin Paul Sullivan, astounded the group with his amazing catalog of historical facts and anecdotes about the Capitol building and its inhabitants.
Jennica knows she’s at the heart of it all  – she’s at the exact center of the entire city, the compass stone.
Here’s our early morning Hawai’i crew, paying our respects to King Kamehameha – reputedly the largest, heaviest statue of all, and the only one adorned in gold!
Our first official class activity of the day was a visit with the American Farm Bureau Federation, with guest speakers Dale Moore and Kristi Boswell.

We heard from the very knowledgable speakers of AFBF, who spoke to us about a wide range of topics – this group has very focused discussion and rallying points on large issues such as labor, data, water. Their collection of articulated one-page position statements was very impressive.

After our meetings, some of us took advantage of the stunning weather and scenery – we had some awesome live entertainment!
After lunch, we took a spin through the Museum of the American Indian, which brought us to this wa’a. Yay for Hawaiian canoes!


We continued our day with our last official class activity – a meeting with Eugene Kim, policy analyst with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

Eugene shared with us NASCs role in advocating for their members, tackling issues related to many aspects of the Farm Bill and supporting farm-to-school and small organic farmer initiatives.


After our official agenda, some of the class visited with the staff and students of DC Central Kitchen. We were honored with an invitation to attend the graduation ceremony of their 95th class.  The stories and ceremony were so inspiring!

Stay tuned for our North Carolina adventures!

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