National Trip, day one-ish

Washington, DC, we have arrived! It was a long trip, and some of us had more difficulty than others in traveling the distance of more than 5,000 miles, but we have all touched down and landed!


We were happy to see Alex in the hotel lobby. She made a stop in North Carolina. Dave also came separately to see family. Reunited!


The weather was glorious and perfect for our first day of walking and getting to know the City. We got our Metro cards and then ventured off to the National Mall. The Smithsonian museums were definitely our list!


At the end of the day (and most of us without any sleep for 24 hours) we had a wonderful dinner at Founding Farmers, a successful farm-to-table restaurant. The good food and festive atmosphere made our reunion a memorable start to what will be a fast-paced and incredible two weeks together.





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