It’s Graduation Time!

“Lucky We Live Hawai’i” is the phrase that lived up to its promise on graduation day, October 8, 2016. We were treated to a gorgeous setting courtesy of Kualoa Ranch and soon-to-be graduated Taylor Kellerman, who works as the Director of Diversified Agriculture and Land Stewardship at Kualoa. It was a beautiful day, accented by … Read more

Final Day – Crystal Ball and Capstone Project Presentations

On October 7, 2016, our last day of instruction, we met with Peter Adler to revisit our visions of Hawai’i agriculture in the future and compare it to what we envisioned when we started the program in May 2015.  Some things were the same but there were clearly more informed perspectives having gone through this … Read more

Day 3, Last Seminar on Big Island of Hawai‘i

We started the day (very hot by the way!!) touring at Blue Ocean Mariculture. Robyn Korte (Fish Hatchery Manager) showed us the hatching process of the delicious Kona Kampachi. It is very impressive the work done at the facility. . Second stop was at Kaʻūpūlehu Cultural Center. We met with Auntie Leinaala Lightner and talked story about … Read more

Day 2 of final seminar

It seems fitting that we find ourselves back on the big island for our final trip considering it is here where we started this journey over a year ago. Some of us are no longer here and some of us have experienced major career changes, however growth, learning, and friendship have been constant factors throughout.

Read more

First Day, Last Seminar

Welcome to our last seminar series for ALP Class XV. A bittersweet feeling as we land back on the Big Island. Together again (though missing SteveO), we traveled to the Hāmākua Agricultural Cooperative to meet with Max Bowman. He shared his story of the membership community of farmers and ranchers who sub-lease land to farm … Read more

National Seminar – Class XV – May 27 – Fish Hatcheries and Dam

This my first time visiting a fish hatchery. The entire hatchery is very special place for maintaining healthy fish population and also critical for future sustainable fish harvest.  We saw some very very tiny fish and big ones today. We met with David Wolf, the President of Native American Fish and Wildlife Society. Their website … Read more

May 24 Oregon Wine Country

Nothing fuels the soul quite like traveling to faraway places, and road trips especially ignite the imagination in wonderful ways. Living on an island it’s easy to forget the simple pleasure of measuring space and time in miles and days. Last week in DC, we tested the waters separating relations from relationships, as we navigated … Read more


A reoccurring theme that has been playing through my head as we tour Oregon is that modern food production is done on a scale that is unfamiliar to Hawaii.  Yes we are famous for the endless acres of sugar, coffee, and pineapple that once painted the landscape of our state, but I am talking about … Read more

From D.C. To the Countryside

I could feel the proverbial weight of sensory overload and crammed metro stations lift off of our should as we left the metropolitan area of our nation’s capital on a near empty metro line for rural Maryland.  It was a relief to breath the open air as we stepped out of the metro station and … Read more

Day 1 – Oregon

Arriving at our hotel shortly after midnight, we bid each other good night and retired to our rooms for some much needed rest. We left at 8:00 the next morning for our first site visit with Eric Pond, COO of AgriCare. Started in 1990, AgriCare provides land management services to large investment groups (of which … Read more

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