O‘ahu Seminar Day 4, ALP Class XV

Note:  This post was made by Taylor Kellerman using Brett Miller’s login.  Many things change when one takes on a new professional position, including the ability to re-set a password without the original email account!

Day four of our second Oahu Seminar started in beautiful Punalu’u at the Kamehameha Schools education complex.  We were joined by Peter Adler and the discussion was based around “aspirational partnerships in the professional setting”.  With a rascally gleam in his eye Peter announced that the first activity would involve a group activity that centered around teamwork, negation, and…wait for it…. jigsaw puzzles and poker chips.  Over the course of the next hour we challenged each other to find ways of working together to achieve an individual group goal, and it was challenging!!  Personalities, communication styles, and competitive nature were all present, but in the end we learned the fruitful lesson that negotiation is an art form as well as a process.  My three take aways for successful negotiations?

1)Manage expectations

2)Build relationships

3)Create accountability


Once the session with Peter was completed, we left our temporary home on the water and headed North for lunch at Kahuku Farms Café.  Kylie Matsuda and her husband explained the transition from the Kahuku Farm’s original model to what now is a combination of traditional agriculture and agritourism.  By carving out 5 acres of former cropland they have been successful in establishing a visitor center and restaurant setting where guests can learn about agriculture and sample both fresh and value added items utilizing the produce grown onsite.  I was very impressed with their drive and initiative, exemplified by Kylie’s mention of building the Ag-Education customer base through approaching the DOE directly.

And the food……Unreal!!


Our last visit of the day was with Senator Delacruz at the new food hub being created in central Oahu through his legislative efforts and the partnership of Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC).  As a former pineapple plantation employee I was very happy to see new life breath being added back into what was such a hub of agriculture  at one time.  By purchasing ag land and creating a processing infrastructure at the former Dole Whitmore headquarters, Donavan is showing that he has a dedication to our industry and is someone in government who is leading change in this arena.  Thank you Senator for all of your hard work and perseverance.




Until next time, A hui hou!

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