Andy Meier, Center for Environmental Farming Services (CEFS),Cherry Farm

National Trip Day 8 CEFS is a collaboration of NC State University, NC A&T State University and NC Dept of Agriculture.  No this is not a picture of Superintendent Andy Meier.  But we all agreed he’s bullish on NC ag with as much energy as this fella.  Andy just does’t like having his picture taken.

Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)

National Trip Day 8 CEFS provides a farm site for ag research contactd by various customers.  Andy negotiates with potential users in contractual arrangements that results in data and new farm techniques for farmers state wide.  Andy took us on a windshield bus tour of organic farming, agroforestry, pasture raised beef and dairy cattle, swine … Read more

Dail Farms Visit, Roy Thagard and Jimmy & Deborah Dail

National Trip Day 8 County Extension Agent Roy Thagard introduced us to Daik Farms owners Jimmy and Deborah Dail.  Dail farms rotates tobacco and produce and also raise hogs for pork producer Murphy-Brown.  Tobacco starts out as seedlings in a hydroponic medium for 60-80 days.  One 7,500 sf shade house produces seedlings for 90 planted … Read more

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