Preparing for National Trip: The White Paper-Key Themes

DRAFT ALP White Paper (Miki, Sydney, Chris & Judith)
Key Themes

Farmers must be treated as professionals. To sustain a vibrant culture and healthy population of farmers and those they serve,

     Farmers must be treated as professionals, alongside physicians, teachers, and bankers. 
     Farming must allow for the earning of a living wage and the prospect of profits
     Public policy must support the education and development of the next generation of producers and consumers.
     Public agricultural policy must promote investment in agricultural infrastructure to help support all facets of agricultural industry and economy

Agriculture is a diverse and controversial industry, with roots in our native cultureTo help create safe spaces for productive discussions involving informed participants,  

     Education around agriculture must include consumer education. We are raising the next generation of consumers, only some of which will be farmers.  Consumers must understand the breadth of agriculture, from food and energy to sustainability of land and water ecosystems.
     Education about major topics in agriculture should be inclusive, focusing on “choice” and “informed decision making”.
     Collaborations between various sectors of the industry and society must be supported and facilitated, with our culture and heritage in mind as we plan for the future.

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