National Seminar – Class XV – May 27 – Fish Hatcheries and Dam

This my first time visiting a fish hatchery. The entire hatchery is very special place for maintaining healthy fish population and also critical for future sustainable fish harvest.  We saw some very very tiny fish and big ones today. We met with David Wolf, the President of Native American Fish and Wildlife Society. Their website … Read more

ALP Class XV: Day 2, Seminar 5 ~ Kauai

Big Mahalo to DuPont Pioneer Research Station in Waimea for letting us stay in their guest apartments. We were only less than a couple of minutes away from our first visiting site of the day. When we arrived and signed in at the Research Station. Sara Styan, senior research manager gave us the history of … Read more

ALP Class XV: Day 1, Seminar 3 ~ Maui

Early morning arrival at UH Mānoa’s Cooperative Extension Service Office on Maui and met with Cynthia Reeves, County Administrator for CTAHR. It has been about 3 months since we saw each other and catching up with everyone while getting quick breakfast. They said every good leader needs to negotiate, but doesn’t have to do it … Read more

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