May 24 Oregon Wine Country

Nothing fuels the soul quite like traveling to faraway places, and road trips especially ignite the imagination in wonderful ways. Living on an island it’s easy to forget the simple pleasure of measuring space and time in miles and days. Last week in DC, we tested the waters separating relations from relationships, as we navigated … Read more

Kauai Day 3. Apr 2, 2016

We left our ritzy Waimea accommodations at 6:30am (mahalo Joao!) and headed for the Hanalei Natl wildlife refuge.


US Fish & Wildlife biologist Kimberly Uyehara gave us a tour of the 1900 acre bird refuge she manages. We were also joined by kalo farmer Alex Diego who shared his mana’o as one of five farmers who lease land within the refuge.

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ALP Class XV: Seminar 3, Day 4: Moloka‘i

10/25/15   4:00 a.m.  I began our last day of the trip in pre-dawn quiet calm under comfort of the waning moon and a blanket of stars, with the sound track of wind rustling the trees and an occasional snore in the darkness.  I’ve never slept out in the open before, one of many firsts I feel … Read more

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