Sept. 18 — Day 10 of the National Trip

Our morning started a little earlier than usual as we checked out of the Red Roof Inn and made our way West to our only visit of the day, The Country Hen. The Country Hen was started in 1988 and produces organic, cage-free Omega-3 eggs. How do they make it you are probably thinking? They … Read more

Seminar 5 — Kauai – Our next adventure!

Our first day on Kauai for Class XVI was welcome by beautiful sunshine and no rain! Being a very odd and cold winter this year, every one was happy to get some sunshine and a cool breeze. The first stop, Kauai Coffee. We were graciously welcomed by operations manager and Ag Leadership alumni Tim Martin … Read more

Day 2 – Seminar 2 O‘ahu

Day 2 continued with our facilitative workshop with the master of facilitation, Donna Ching. Our workshop started off with a quick excercise on Active Listening, how to deal with interventions in difficult situations and groups, and then a facilitating and recording role playing excercise on a case study that involved everyone. It was an experience … Read more

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