Planning the National Trip, Lana‘i Museum & Bennies Farm

Seminar 6 Day 3 – Lana‘i Today was the start of Planning for the Washington D.C.  and North Carolina Trip Tyler is explaining The Plan for His Home State North Carolina Jennica goes over the D.C. Planning A Visit to the Lanai Museum packed full of information Doing Our introductions to Alberta at Bennies Farm The … Read more

Pualama Lana‘i, Above it All, Forest Restoration, Leadership Seminar

Seminar 6 Day 2 – Lana‘i For Day 2 of Seminar 6 we awoke in the pleasant atmosphere of Lanai City.  Elevation 1700ft.  Temperatures mild, Annual rainfall average of 17 inches.  Much of it seems to come from the mist collecting on the trees. Front (above) and back views of the “Social Hall” where we … Read more

Sunrise in Kona, NELHA, Leadership Seminar

Seminar 5 Day 4 – Hawai‘i Day 4 started out with a relaxed feeling…must’ve been due to the wonderful accommodations (made possible by Brandi’s sister!) which allowed us to fall asleep and wake to the sound of the ocean. After a little morning coffee we caravanned to our last site for this seminar, Hawaii Ocean … Read more

Good Morning last day on Kaua‘i!

Seminar 3 Day 4 – Kaua‘i   View from the lovely Waimea apartments we got to stay at. Thank you Judith and Pioneer Hi-Bred! The iconic Ishihara’s was right next door! Great poke and other local goodies Ashley helping pack up the days goodies. The always lovely and vivacious Judith ready to drive us to … Read more

Ag Professionals Presentations & Hog Farm

Seminar 3 Day 1 – Kaua‘i Kirby getting us started at Kaua’i Community College Eric Knutzen, Director of Ho’ouluwehi, the Kaua’i Community Sustainability Project Pauline hams it up with Imai Aiu from the Kaua’i County Planning Department   Jerry Ornellas, President of Kauai Farm Bureau, briefs us on their Food Hub project Landis Ignacio, Manager … Read more

Leadership Seminar — Negotiation

Seminar 2 Day 4 – Oah‘u Day four was hosted at the University Laboratory School and featured seminars taught by Peter Adler and Donna Ching.  Peter taught a module on negotiations while Donna shared her experiences in collaboration.  The seminar ended with a talk by Representative Chris Lee and a discussion about our experiences with … Read more

Leeward & Kunia Farms & Farmers, the Irradiator, Alumni Potluck

Seminar 2 Day 3 – Oah‘u After meeting at the university laboratory school in Manoa, our classmate Miki was graciously waiting for us to transport us in a short bus (school bus).  Not every class comes with such a cutie as a driver. Yeah!  it was nice to remember those old student days. Derrick was … Read more

It all Began Here…in Hilo

Seminar 1 Day 1 Hawai‘i What a fantastic first day we had!  We have a wonderful team of class members and the speakers who generously shared their time with us were fantastic!  Special thanks to Stevie Whalen of Hawai’i Agriculture Research Center, Jeff Melrose of Island Planning, Barry Taniguchi and Derek Kurisu of KTA Superstores, … Read more

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