National Seminar – Class XV – May 27 – Fish Hatcheries and Dam

This my first time visiting a fish hatchery. The entire hatchery is very special place for maintaining healthy fish population and also critical for future sustainable fish harvest.  We saw some very very tiny fish and big ones today. We met with David Wolf, the President of Native American Fish and Wildlife Society. Their website … Read more

May 24 Oregon Wine Country

Nothing fuels the soul quite like traveling to faraway places, and road trips especially ignite the imagination in wonderful ways. Living on an island it’s easy to forget the simple pleasure of measuring space and time in miles and days. Last week in DC, we tested the waters separating relations from relationships, as we navigated … Read more

Home. Sweet Home.

National Trip Day 14 After a looooong plane ride from Chicago, preceded by a much shorter one from Asheville, N.C. at the crack of dawn, we touched ground at home. SUCCESS! Mahalo to EVERYONE who helped make this a most memorable and educational journey!

Sunburst Trout Farm, Hop’n Blueberry, Group Dinner

National Trip Day 12 Our daily coordinator keeping us on schedule for the day… …and making sure everything is just right. Passed a paper mill in Canton, NC on the way to our first stop of the day. Wes from Sunburst Trout Farms gave a great tour of their processing facility, raceways and ponds, and … Read more


National Trip Day 11 First morning we were treated to 30 degrees F, and frost on the plants. Inside the Van Wingerden International greenhouse.  They service many garden centers in the Southeast region, namely Homedepot. Next up on this bitter, cold morning was McConnell Farms.  They raise over 20 different crops on a 150 acre … Read more

Research Triangle, Cattle Co., and a winery!

National Trip Day 10 After a super couple of days in Raleigh, today we were off to the Research Triangle to meet with BASF and see this impressive area. We learned a lot about the many partnerships BASF has formed to provide a broad array of products used worldwide. Their technological advancements and productivity is … Read more

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